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Rombi Puzzle

ROMBI is an innovative, creative game with 16 or 36 diamond-shaped wooden blocks with printed patterns that are assembled into multi-dimensional game variations.

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It is a playful tool to facilitate and increase concentration, learning and performance while relaxing. Based on several years of research by a team of European leaders in the fields of education, personal development, education, psychology, management and mathematics, this innovation has been developed, tested and is now available for creative use by a wide range of users.

The construction of Rombi prioritises spatial awareness as a basic component of perception. This is as vital for effective learning and problem solving as it is for physical dexterity. Perceptual (spatial) organisation determines how the mind coordinates cognitive functions, memory, attention, organisation of ideas, fine motor skills (hand-eye operations) and gross motor skills (walking or playing ball).

In essence, with continued use, valuable progress is inevitable where perceptual organisation is a factor in the existence or exacerbation of symptoms. Our understanding thus far is that, given the principle of neuroplasticity of the brain, consistent cultivation of more organised mental functioning will stimulate synaptic connections to support and extend these activities. The cumulative effects of subtle perceptual improvements are consequential.

Rombi is designed for children from 7 years to over 70. Creative play is one of the joys of life as well as being indispensable for the expression of intelligence. Take time out with your children, or steal a few minutes to enjoy yourself with Rombi.

In today’s busy world, children and adults are in a constant state of rush, under pressure to perform. Relaxation is vital for our well-being and peace of mind, and yet switching off is not easy. Take a break - at work Office, at home, take a quiet moment and think of nothing else than where to place the Rombi block in your hand.

Being able to focus is vital, and when it evades us, we overwork, and we cant accomplish what we are aiming for. Get your hands on Rombi, feel your vision come together, and see yourself in action. You won’t believe what you are capable of until you have tried your hand at Rombi!

Understanding new subjects or fields requires taking in and processing information from multiple perspectives. Preparing the mental framework with Rombi eases the way, with astonishing results. You will have a new respect for your capabilities after your first puzzle, and you won’t want to be without Rombi on your desk again!


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