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Chewigem Necklace Berries
Very chunky beads approx 28mm in diameter in fun vibrant colours. Each bead is covered in nubs for sensory appeal. Ideal for fidgets and sensory seekers.
Chewigem Necklace Board
The chew chain Board is suitable for children and adults with average chewing needs. This sturdy (surf) board is available in fun tones and is popular with...
Chewigem Necklace Button
This CHEWIGEM is classic button disc shape, stylish and sophisticated for any young child or teen, but also quite neutral and suitable for males, especially...
Chewigem Cactus Chubes
The cactus chubes is a versatile chewigem chewigem. Attach it to your hoody, wear it as a necklace or use it as a pencil cap
Chewigem Necklace Cat
The Chewigem Cat necklace is an absolute favorite with our youngest customers! The Cat has a smooth side and a side with nubs (for extra sensory stimulation...
Chewigem Necklace Chubes
The Chubes are multifunctional. Hang them on a cord as a chew necklace or attach the Chubes to the cords of your hoodie ect.
Chewigem Necklace Curve
A simple tube with cord and breakaway clasp. Very subtle and stylish chew.
Chewigem Necklace Skull
The Chewigem Dog Tags come with 2 ID plates. They feel soft and flexible and are suitable for light chewing needs.
Chewigem Necklace Eternity
These have to be felt to be believed! With our super soft feel, these matte pendants are beautiful to the touch and perfect for a sensory seeker. Chewable...
Chewigem Necklace Geotag
The Chewigem geotag is a cool chew necklace. It is provided with an original pattern and suitable for average (to firm) chewing needs.
Chewigem Necklace Jazz
An eye catching polished pendant on complimenting cord, ideal for sensory seekers. Smooth rounded polished edges, perfect for fidgeting. Suitable for...
Chewigem Necklace Miller Heart
A contemporary style heart with a gloss finish. Glossy feel, ideal for the sensory seeker. Good as a fidget, can be squeezed and has good bounce back for...
Chewigem Necklace Raindrop
This CHEWIGEM is classic button disc shape, stylish and sophisticated for any young child or teen, but also quite neutral and suitable for males, especially...
Chewigem Necklace Realm Ring
The realm ring is a chew necklace for children with average chewing needs. They are popular with children who also like to fiddle. You can press the circle...
Chewigem Necklace Skull
The Skull necklace is a chewing product for children with a slight chewing need. The skull feels smooth on one side and on the other side it is provided with...
Chewigem Toggle Board
These toggle boards are ideal for putting them on button loop or zip, making them a discreet chew. Perfect for those who cannot tolerate a necklace.

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