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Chewigem Remote
The chewigem remote control is a realistic looking chew product made of the same soft flexible silicone as all Chewigem products.
Chewigem Chewimoji
A set of chewable communication aids, not only are they super great to chew on but also allow those who find communication a challenge to use them to express...
Chewigem Hand Fidget
This pocket sized fidget is full of fun! An oval shaped ring means it fits comfortably into your palm, the ring is smooth and matt finished, mounted in the...
Chewigem Hexichew
The Chewigem Miller Heart is a popular chewing necklace for girls and adults. The heart feels smooth and is also nice to fiddle with. Suitable for average...
Chewigem Giftbox
For special moments such as the holidays or birthdays we have included a Chewigem chewable jewelry gift box in our assortment.
Chewigem Cactus Chubes
The cactus chubes is a versatile chewigem chewigem. Attach it to your hoody, wear it as a necklace or use it as a pencil cap
Chewigem Kiki
The Kiki from Chewigem is so super soft and adds real comfort and a wonderfully soft sensory feeling. There are labels, which are great for fiddlers to play...
Chewigem Pencil covers
A set of pencil covers, for children and adults who chew on pencils. These covers are lightweight and slide over the entire pencil.
Chewigem Phone
Smart Phone – Soft and flexible with slot for attaching to toy strap. Coloured and textured buttons for sensory seekers.
Chewigem Toy strap
A chewable Toy Strap that will attach to our Chewigem Toys, Eternity Pendants and Bangles and then onto things like belt loops, buggies and wheelchairs.
Chewigem Worry Stones
With these worry stones you can rub your worries aside. They have a nice size and fit in the palm of the hand.
Easter Head pencil topper
A pack of 4 Easter Head Pencil Toppers. They are funky and robust. The back has raised nubs for extra sensory input. They fit most standard sized pencils.
Cord as a replacement for the chewelry.

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