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General sales and delivery conditions Sensory Tools B.V.
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1. Definitions
1.1 In these general terms and conditions of sale and delivery, hereinafter to be referred to as the general terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:
Buyer: legal entity or natural person acting in the exercise of a profession or business, as well as its representatives, authorized representatives, heirs and assigns.
Seller: Sensory Tools B.V. located at the Akkersrijt 18, 5298 WE Liempde. Chamber of Commerce number 72142006.

2. General / Applicability
2.1 These general terms and conditions apply to all quotations, offers and agreements between Seller and Buyer. The conditions are accessible to everyone on the Vendor's internet site. A written copy will be sent on request.
2.2 The provisions of these general terms and conditions can only be deviated from if and insofar as these agreements have been confirmed by the Seller in writing and are then only valid for the relevant transaction.
2.3 A general reference by the Buyer to other general terms and conditions does not lead to its applicability. The applicability of any general terms and conditions of the Buyer is explicitly rejected by the Seller.
2.4 If several offers are made to, or multiple agreements are concluded with one and the same Buyer, the Buyer is already deemed to be aware of the applicable general terms and conditions on the basis of the first quotation or agreement.

3 Offers / Offers
3.1 General offers or (price) statements of the Seller in catalogs, brochures, via the Internet, etc. do not bind her and only serve as an invitation to place an order by the Buyer. An individual quotation is only binding on the Seller if it is made in writing and if the Buyer accepts it in writing before the expiry date stated therein.
4 Establishment Agreement
4.1 An agreement is concluded at the time that the Buyer expresses, or gives in writing or with the placing of an order via the website of the Seller, or want to give goods from the Seller.
4.2 Seller has the right not to accept orders or to accept them only on condition that the shipment is made after payment in advance.
5 Prices
5.1 All prices in offers and quotations on the website are in euros, excluding VAT and excluding shipping costs.
5.2 Prices will not be increased within the duration of the offer, unless legal measures make this necessary or if the manufacturer / supplier makes interim price increases.
5.3 If the prices for the products and services offered rise in the period between the agreement and the performance thereof, you are entitled to cancel the order or to dissolve the agreement within 10 working days after notification of the price increase by the Seller.
5.4 All prices on the website, catalogs and other mail messages are subject to typing errors. Despite great care, the Seller can not accept any liability for incorrect data or prices. Buyer can not derive any obligations from the Seller.
5.5 If the Buyer is an entrepreneur established outside the Netherlands and there is export of goods in the context of an intra-community delivery, the Buyer guarantees that he is properly registered in the relevant country for the applicable sales tax. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Buyer indemnifies the Seller for damage resulting from invoices that are wrongly based on a zero rate.

6 Delivery
6.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery takes place at the place where the Buyer performs his business or is domiciled. The time of delivery is the moment at which the goods to be delivered leave the Seller's warehouse. The Buyer shall bear the risk immediately after delivery for all direct and indirect damage that may arise on or through these items for the Buyer or for third parties. The shipment always takes place at the risk of the Buyer (including free delivery), which can take out insurance for the transport or must ensure that the Seller has arranged this.
6.2 Delivery within the Netherlands is free domicile if the net value of the goods exceeds € 250, - in words, two hundred and fifty euros. In the case of Belgium, carriage paid delivery is subject to a minimum net goods value of € 300, - in words: three hundred euros. For orders below these amounts the shipping costs will be passed on to the Buyer. If the delivery address of the Buyer is outside the Netherlands or Belgium, then shipping and transport costs are at the expense of the Buyer.
6.3 The stated delivery times start on the day on which the agreement is concluded, provided that all data required by the Seller for the execution of the order are in his possession. The delivery times stated by the Seller will never be regarded as a deadline, unless explicitly agreed otherwise in the individual agreement.
In case of late delivery the Seller must therefore be given notice of default in writing.
In case, contrary to the above, in the individual agreement expressly agreed a fine on exceeding the delivery time, this is not due if the exceeding of the delivery time is the result of the cases of force majeure mentioned in article 12 of these general conditions.
6.4 Unless the Buyer himself provides for a freight forwarder, the items shall be dispatched by the Seller in the way he considers favorable with the freight forwarders to be chosen by the Seller.
6.5 If the Buyer requests delivery of goods in a manner other than usual, the Seller may charge the costs related to this to the Buyer.
6.6 Purchaser is obliged to purchase the purchased goods within the agreed time.
Failing this, the Seller shall be entitled under the provisions of Article 6:60 Dutch Civil Code to demand that the competent court shall release the Seller from his obligation to deliver the agreed goods or to pay the purchase price of the unexpired order without prior notice of default. part. If the Buyer does not fulfill his payment obligation, the Seller shall be entitled to terminate the contract without judicial intervention, without prejudice to its right to claim compensation for non-fulfillment of the agreement.
7 Complaints
7.1 Complaints from the Buyer, which relate to defects in goods that are visible at the latest, must be notified by the Buyer to the Seller within 7 working days after delivery (or within 7 working days after the invoice date, if the goods can not be delivered to the Buyer). are being brought. This must be done by registered letter with a clear and precise description of the complaint. Buyer must perform a careful and timely check.
7.2 Defects which at the time of delivery were not visible at the latest, nor could be found during a careful and timely inspection, must be brought to the attention of the Seller within 7 working days after the coming to light of these defects in the manner as stated. in paragraph 1.
7.3 Minor, commercially available or technically unavoidable deviations and differences in quality, color, size or finish, can not constitute grounds for complaint.
7.4 Any right of action of the Buyer towards the Seller relating to defects in the goods delivered by the Seller will lapse if:
the defects have not been brought to the attention of the Seller within the periods specified in paragraphs 1 and 2 above and / or not in the manner specified therein;
b. Buyer gives the Seller no or insufficient cooperation with regard to an investigation into the merits of the complaints;
c. the guarantee period mentioned in the individual agreement has expired or, if such a period is missing, the complaints are first expressed after a period of more than 6 months since the delivery period has expired.

8 Warranty / Liability
8.1 With due observance of the provisions of this article, the Seller guarantees that the goods delivered by him are free of manufacturing or material defects. Only if the warranty obligations in respect of goods delivered by the Seller have not been assumed by third parties (such as manufacturers), can the Buyer assert (warranty) claims against the Seller. The Seller has the choice to replace the defective items, to repair them or to take them back against Buyer's credit.
8.2 The guarantee period amounts to a period of 6 months starting from the day of delivery to the Buyer. In some user products, the guarantee period applies only when the products are kept and stored according to regulations.
8.3 Claims by the Buyer pursuant to this article are only valid after the original invoice has been returned and are without prejudice to its payment obligations towards the Seller.
8.4 Shipment of goods in respect of which the warranty is claimed will take place at the expense and risk of the Buyer, and after prior consultation with the Seller.
8.5 The warranty shall in any case include defects that occur or are wholly or partially the result of:
a. neglected care
b. deliberate damage
c. inattention
8.6 The Seller shall not be liable for misunderstandings, mutilations, delays or inadequate delivery of orders and announcements as a result of the use of the internet or any other means of communication in the traffic between the Buyer and the Seller, unless and insofar as there is intent or gross negligence from Seller.
8.7 Subject to any obligations of the Seller pursuant to the above, the Seller shall never be obliged to pay any compensation to the Buyer and third parties, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of the Seller. In particular, Seller is also never liable for consequential or consequential loss, direct or indirect damage, however including loss of profit and downtime including, by full or partial (re) delivery of goods, delayed or faulty delivery, or failure to deliver business or by the business itself.
8.8 The Buyer is not entitled to return the items on which no motivated advertising exists. If this happens without a valid reason, then all costs related to return are at the expense of the Buyer. In that case, the Seller is free to store the items under third parties at the expense and risk of the Buyer.
8.9 The Buyer is obliged to indemnify the Seller against all claims that third parties may make against the Seller in respect of the execution of the agreement, insofar as the law does not prevent the damage and costs arising from these claims from being borne by the Buyer.
9 Security
Seller may stipulate security from Buyer upon or after the conclusion of the agreement if he has good reason to fear that he will not fulfill his payment obligation. If and for as long as the Buyer refuses or is unable to provide security, the Seller is entitled to suspend the delivery of goods.

10 Reservation of ownership
10.1 All goods delivered and to be delivered remain the exclusive property of the Seller until all claims that the Seller has or will have on the Buyer have been paid in full.
10.2 As long as the ownership of the goods has not been transferred to the Buyer, the latter may not pledge the goods or grant any other right to third parties, except within the normal course of his business.
In that case, the buyer is obliged to deliver the goods delivered to third parties under retention of title. In the case of sale on credit, the Buyer is obliged to stipulate a retention of title from his customers on the basis of the provisions of this article. At the Seller's first request, the Buyer undertakes to cooperate with the establishment of a right of pledge on the claims that the Buyer acquires or will acquire from its customers on account of the delivery of goods.
10.3 The Buyer is obliged to store the goods that have been delivered under retention of title with due care and as the recognizable property of the Seller.
10.4 The Seller is entitled to take back the goods that have been delivered under retention of title and are still present at the Buyer if the Buyer is in default with the fulfillment of his payment obligations or is or is at risk of payment difficulties. The Buyer shall at all times grant the Seller free access to his premises and / or buildings for the inspection of the goods and / or for exercising the rights of the Seller.
10.5 The Buyer is obliged to insure the risk of fire and theft of the goods delivered subject to retention of title and to show this insurance at the Seller's request.
10.6 The Buyer is obliged to cooperate within reasonable limits with all measures that the Seller wishes to take to protect its property rights with regard to the delivered goods.
10.7 The aforementioned provisions included in 10.1 to 10.4 do not affect the other rights vested in the Seller.
11 Payment
11.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment for delivered goods and / or services must take place on the (post) bank account of the Seller as stated on the invoice, or in any other way the Seller has been made known to the Buyer.
11.2 The Buyer is obliged to pay the goods in question no later than 14 calendar days after the date of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed.
11.3 In the event of overdue payment, the Buyer will be in default without further notice of default being required by the Seller. In that case, the Buyer will owe legal interest on the amount due as a result of a delay in the payment of the amount owed by him from the due date. In addition, the Buyer is obliged to reimburse both extrajudicial and judicial collection costs, including the costs of lawyers, bailiffs and collection agencies. The collection costs are based on the rate of the Dutch Bar Association.
11.4 Deduction or set-off is never permitted.
11.5 If the Seller for any reason whatsoever is deferred to the Buyer for the performance of any performance, the new term always has a fatal character.

12 Force majeure
12.1 Force majeure means any circumstance beyond the Seller's power that is of such a nature that compliance with the agreement can not reasonably be demanded of the Seller (non-attributable shortcomings in the performance). Force majeure also includes: war, riots and hostilities of any kind, blockade, boycott, natural disasters, epidemics, lack of raw materials, prevention and interruption of transport options, business failures, import and export restrictions or prohibitions, obstacles caused by measures, laws or decisions of international, national and regional (government) bodies. If the Seller can not, due to force majeure, not fulfill his delivery obligation properly or in time, he is entitled to consider the agreement or the part not yet executed as dissolved, or to suspend it for a definite or indefinite period, at the Seller's discretion. In the event of force majeure, the Buyer can not appeal to Seller for compensation.

13 Applicable law / Dispute resolution
13.1 All offers and quotations made by the Seller and all agreements entered into by the Seller are governed exclusively by Dutch law.
13.2 Disputes resulting from an agreement between the Seller and Buyer, which can not be resolved by mutual agreement, shall be notified to the competent court within the district of Almelo, unless the Seller prefers the difference to the competent court of the place of residence of the Buyer. to submit, and with the exception of those disputes that are part of the jurisdiction of the subdistrict court.

Ordering on Sensory
To place an order on Sensory a registration of your data is necessary. After you have created an account you can access the online shop via your e-mail address and your password. Because we only supply to business customers, you must have a correct registration number from the Chamber of Commerce and, if applicable, a VAT number.

We refer private customers to the web shops:

In the shop you can order by using the search function or order lists per category. If you just want to look around which products Sensory Tools has in its range, you can browse through the website. You will then be guided via clear buttons to pages where the products are shown with an image.

After placing an order, it will be delivered to you as soon as possible. In practice, this means that you often have orders within 2 working days. For all shipments in the Netherlands and Belgium we use the services of various carriers (cooperation with POSTNL, DHL, DPD).

The total amount of orders you place via the website may differ from the actual price. Differences may occur because any payment discounts are not yet included in the price. These are processed in the invoice that you receive after delivery. Shipping costs for non-prepaid deliveries may also differ.

Shipping costs
Within the Netherlands we deliver free if your order exceeds € 250, - (excluding VAT).
For Belgium free delivery applies for orders from € 300, - (excluding VAT).
Shipping to other countries is on a quotation basis.
Sensory Tools does not use a minimum order quantity or order amount. For orders below the aforementioned franco amounts we charge € 9.95 shipping costs (excluding VAT) for the Netherlands and € 15 for Belgium.


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